Diverse Minds. Bold Disruptors. Meaningful Impact.

Welcome to our Employer Brand Portal. Your online home for everything related to attracting great talent into AstraZeneca . Here you will find everything you need - from core messaging and easy-to-use templates, to visual and verbal identity guidelines. You will always find the latest versions here – constantly updated and upgraded.

Find the right message for your target talent

At AstraZeneca, everything we do is underpinned by our dedication to being a Great Place to Work. Put simply, our people are our greatest asset. We know that with a talented and diverse team that believes in What Science Can Do, anything is possible.

That’s why we have created our Talent Attraction Story – to define the most compelling and differentiating things about a career at AstraZeneca globally, and tailored to each of our SET areas, key talent segments, and capabilities . It’s what we offer as an employer, and what we expect in return too.

Every single time you use these messages, it builds a stronger and more consistent Talent Attraction Story – positively impacting our Employer Brand in the talent market.